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Our mortgage brokers offer their service at no charge! Our 1300 Home Loan consultants provide advice free of charge for all residential mortgages. Key elements that our friendly brokers provide include:

  1. Loan product information and comparisons to find the right loan for you
  2. The negotiations on your behalf of the loan
  3. Managing the paperwork through to settlement

We are open about how we are paid with full disclosure on what commissions and payments our brokers received from the lender.

Every mortgage broker at 1300 home loans is fully qualified and experienced

Like any profession, its critical to ensure you have an individual has the right mix of experience and qualifications. 1300 Home Loan mortgage brokers are all qualified for their position and are happy to provide references from previous client that are happy with their services. Our members are also members of the key mortgage associations of either the MFAA or FBAA and the external dispute resolution scheme COSL. They also comply the Privacy Act to ensure your personal and financial details are held securely.

Our mortgage brokers also have the tools to assist in your decision making, such as being able to show you on computer software how different loans will impact your financial situation, and access property valuation data to help you in making your decision.

Understanding your situation

A meeting with a 1300 Home Loan mortgage broker will begin with them familiarising themselves with your entire financial situation, and your future plans. Ensure that you have your key documents with you when you visit them, as this knowledge will help them find loan products that fit your lifestyle, whilst ensuring that it provides you with flexibility for any future changes.

Making buying your new home easy

Once one of our mortgage brokers has a good understanding of your current and future financial situation, they can begin explaining the wide range of loan options available from a host of different lenders. They will provide an outline of the various loan products in plain English, as well as explaining the loan process from application to close including the documents required through the process. In addition they will go through all associated costs, disbursements, and fees of the loan application and give you a written schedule. You can expect a 1300 Home Loan mortgage broker to negotiate with lenders to find the best deal, while communicating with you throughout the loan process in a timely manner. Through the application process, they will follow up with the lender for you from application through to approval. Even once your loan is settled our brokers will remain a valuable resource for questions, concerns and ongoing review.